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Biweekly Process Group for Chronic Illness + Pain

Do you struggle with the stress that living with chronic illness/pain brings to your life and relationships? Do you want to build self-awareness of your relationship/stress style and learn how to cultivate healthier relational and stress patterns?

This is a trauma and attachment informed, mixed gender process group for 20 to 40 something adults that focuses on processing the personal and relational challenges of living with chronic illness/pain. This group is LGBTQIA affirming and is open to all sexual and gender identities.

This is an ongoing group that will meet every other week, 12 PM to 1:30 PM on Thursdays. Limited to no more than 8 members. Members required to complete individual intake session to assess history and define goals prior to group start. Group forming now.

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Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy has been shown to be just as effective, if not more so at times, than individual therapy! Our nervous systems are evolutionarily wired to connect and those connections leave imprints – some of those imprints are healthy and others are based on survival. Group therapy is experiential in nature and provides a safe space for in the moment opportunities to rewire these patterns and explore how we can overcome barriers to connection.


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