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Beth Jackson

Are you finding it hard to juggle all the stressors in your life? Are you experiencing frustration in your relationship/s? Are you seeking to have more support in navigating it all with more resilience? I have found life is a challenge to balance. Achieving that balance can be difficult when faced with neurodivergence, illness, pain, loss, or trauma.

I, too, have experienced the waves of upset that seem daunting and unrelenting, always threatening the balance that is so reassuring. Through my years of caregiving, I have witnessed these waves and worked hard to hold on to anything that might steady those upsets. Coming in for therapy can be that anchor. Therapy offers a way to create a space in which healing, growth, and balance can thrive.

The therapeutic relationship is a very important part of making the experience of seeing a therapist a comfortable and safe journey for the client. I try to take any steps possible to ensure that every client feels safe, welcome, and comfortable. Then, we can chat and start the healing process as soon as possible. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that as an intersectional and feminist therapist, I want to see, hear, and engage with all of your intersectional parts. In order to do that, I feel that I should reveal my intersectional parts to you so that we can begin the therapeutic relationship right away. I can sum up how I identify myself to others in one sentence, I think. Let’s try this…I am an American (Irish/Scottish descent) white middle-aged cisgender asexual spiritual atheist vegan single mother of one child.

I provide an affirmative environment for all types of clients and have extensive training in affirmative-based care to ensure that my clients are receiving the most effective mental health treatment that they need. Therapy is not an easy task to begin nor an easy road to travel. My intention is to bring forth a comfortable and safe environment to explore those feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that cause you distress while embarking on the journey to healing, recovery, and balance.

I specialize in working with individual adults, poly relationship systems, and chosen and biological families navigating chronic illness, terminal illness, medical trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, neurodivergence, relationship issues, ethical non-monogamy, LGBTQIA+, supporting palliative, hospice, end-of-life, etc.

I am well-versed in all types of relationships such as adult child/parent, polyamory, in-laws, etc. Navigating the LGBTQIA+ aspect of these complicated adult relationships can be challenging. I am here to help you and your family of choice sort out your feelings and be by your side as you work through changes in those relationships.

I am highly trained in helping adults navigate their journey with feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, loss, grief, and more when going through these difficult experiences. As your therapist, my efforts will be focused on comfort for patients experiencing a new diagnosis, comorbidity (more than one diagnosis), chronic illness, long-term illness, end-of-life, and treatment navigation that extends to their families and caregivers.

My therapeutic approach is integrative and person-centered and incorporates experiential activities, feminist, polyvagal, somatic, intersectional, and queer theories. In addition to my counseling degree, I had a previous career in the art industry and have a degree in art. In some sessions, art-related or creative interventions may be included in the therapy process. I believe art can be a wonderful way to communicate feelings and therefore include it where applicable.

With all of that said, you might be asking yourself, am I a good fit for someone who is so eclectic? Sure! If you connect with me on any of these topics, great! If any of them seem like the subject might get in the way, let’s talk about it. We might connect on a different subject that was not mentioned here. I am open to helping anyone get on the road to a healthful and healing mental health journey.

Beth is an independent contract therapist and is supervised by Nicole Gordon Vargas, PhD, LMFT-S.


  • Tuesday : by request
  • Wednesday and Thursday : 2 PM – 5 PM
  • Friday : 2 PM – 6 PM
  • Saturday : 10 AM – 3 PM
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