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Feeling overwhelmed and run down by stress, chronic illness, or trauma?

Is your relationship with yourself, your partner, or family struggling to cope with these challenges ?

Welcome to Head and Heart Integrative Psychotherapy. I help teens, adults, and couples navigate these challenges with more resilience, confidence, and connection.


  • Instead of feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious…you felt resilient enough to take on whatever comes your way.

  • Instead of feeling disconnected and misunderstood…you have confidence you can repair relationship ruptures and foster deeper intimacy and a more joyful connection.

  • Instead of feeling weighed down by the pain of the past…you felt empowered because you know how to rewire yourself for healing so you can create a brighter future.

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Hi! I’m Adrienne, & welcome to my practice - Head + Heart Integrative Psychotherapy.

If you have found your way here you might be feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with parts of your life or relationships. Perhaps it even feels like you are on an up and down rollercoaster of stress, and you just want to get off! The problem is you just can’t figure out how. While life is filled with all sorts of stress, sometimes it can feel really overwhelming.

So overwhelming that it can start to impact the wellbeing of our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships. Before we know it, we don’t feel like ourselves and are stuck as to how to find our way back. You may be wondering if you can even get “back” at all.

It can be hard to seek help when we are feeling this way, and I want to honor your courage in finding your way here. And I want to instill hope in you that change is possible if you are open and willing to work for it. And it can start by connecting with a nurturing counseling professional that can support you in creating that change.

I specialize in supporting adults and couples to heal relationships on all levels. Including relationships with stress, illness, family of origin issues, and trauma. Combining research-informed practices with revolutionary brain + relationship science, I work from an integrative “head + heart” approach that incorporates mind, body, and spirit to help you increase resilience, release emotional baggage, and ignite holistic healing.

So, if this feels like the right time and place for you to move forward with counseling or therapy – I honor your courage and invite you to explore more about ME and my PRACTICE to see if we might be a good fit for your goals. If you are ready to move forward you can visit the Contact Page to set up your free consultation.


Adrienne Clements, MA, LMFT (#202879)

Integrative Psychotherapist + Relationship Counselor

Owner, Head + Heart Integrative Psychotherapy

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