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Neurodiversity Affirming Online Therapy for Texas and Florida Residents

Are you a late-diagnosed neurodivergent adult seeking to understand yourself and process your lived experience?

Are you in a neurodiverse relationship and wanting to find better ways to communicate, manage conflict, and connect?

Are you wanting to understand your own neurotype (aka brain wiring) or a loved one’s neurotype better?

Are you trying to find a therapist who is truly neurodiversity-affirming and actually understands what it is like to live with a neurodivergent brain?

Then joining us for neurodiversity-affirming individual, family, or couples therapy might be for you!

Navigating differences related to executive functioning, sensory processing, emotional regulation, communication, or connection styles can be a lot for an individual or relationship to navigate in our neurotypically dominant culture. 

We here at Head & Heart Integrative Psychotherapy are committed to neurodiversity-affirming therapy for many reasons.

First, we are all neurodivergent ourselves, so we can empathize deeply from lived experience and bring that with us to our therapeutic work.

Second, we believe all brains and nervous systems deserve respect, understanding, and a safe space to explore in therapy.

Third, we do not believe that neurodivergence is a problem to be solved, it is simply a reality to be understood, accepted, and accommodated.

Our founder, Adrienne Clements LMFT-S, is so passionate about neurodiversity-affirming therapy that she trains other therapists in hopes of creating a more affirming therapeutic experience for people around the world.

We strive to help individuals, couples, and families understand their own and each other’s unique operating systems better. Understanding our own and our loved ones’ neural operating systems helps to build awareness which leads to greater acceptance and compassionate action. And from that place, positive change can occur within ourselves and in our relationships with others.

We have experience working with many forms of neurodivergence, including:

  • Innate Neurodivergence related to genetic predisposition such as Autistic profiles, ADHD, Tourette’s, OCD, HSP, etc.
  • Acquired Neurodivergence related to illness, trauma, injury, or aging such as neurological disease, PTSD, dementia, traumatic brain injury, etc.

We specialize in helping neurodivergent individuals and neurodiverse couples and families navigate issues such as:

  • Executive functioning challenges related to time management, memory, regulating attention, adapting to changes, planning, problem-solving, etc.
  • Sensory processing differences that are impacting functioning, operations of daily living, connection, intimacy, etc.
  • Emotional processing differences such as rejection sensitivity, justice sensitivity, demand avoidance, and emotional regulation and expression
  • Communication and connection style differences which are leading to misunderstandings, conflict, and feelings of disconnection.

Meet our therapists: 

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