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Online Couples Therapy Intensives

for Texas and Florida Residents

Is a couples therapy intensive right for your relationship?

Have you tried weekly or biweekly couples therapy sessions and feel like you’re not able to make or maintain your progress and growth?

Is your relationship navigating a pressing issue that needs more than 50-90 mins a week to work through?

Are you navigating challenging schedules that make weekly or biweekly couples therapy impossible?

Are you or your partner neurodivergent and do better with deep dives for learning/processing rather than shallow dips week to week?

Then a Couples Therapy Intensive may be a good fit for you!

What is a Couples Therapy Intensive?

An intensive is a longer form version of couples therapy where clients meet with their couples therapist for longer more in-depth sessions so they can get to the root of issues and work on shifting patterns/dynamics faster.

Adrienne Clements, LMFT-S, is now offering “mini” couples therapy intensives of 3 hours for couples based in Texas and Florida.

These mini-intensives are conducted online via our secure telehealth platform, and each intensive is designed uniquely for each couple’s needs and goals.

Before an initial intensive, couples are required to complete a 90-minute intake session to lay the foundation for the work in the intensive. In this session, couples will meet with their therapist both together, and then individually so the therapist can have a deeper understanding of the relationship in order to design an effective intensive experience.

What kind of relationship issues do you work on in a Couples Therapy Intensive?

  • Neurodiverse/Neurodivergent couples navigating challenges related to differences in communication, conflict management, sex/intimacy, etc.
  • Betrayal Recovery for couples navigating infidelity and any other kind of relationship betrayal.
  • Communication Skills for couples navigating misunderstandings, unmet needs/desires, and unresolved conflicts.
  • Sex Positive Therapy for couples navigating intimacy challenges, desire discrepancy, ethical non-monogamy, etc.

What kind of relational skills can be gained through an intensive?

Learning more about each other’s operating system, including aspects such as attachment styles, neurotypes, love languages, triggers, and coping behaviors.

Developing an “owner manual” for your unique relationship and understanding how to co-create a safe, secure, loving, and vibrant relationship.

Understanding your relationship’s patterns and each person’s role in it, and how to begin shifting unhealthy dynamics to healthier patterns.

Building a communication toolbox and learning how to express needs, wants, boundaries, and desires with greater confidence and clarity.

Learning and practicing how to effectively repair trust and connection after ruptures and/or betrayals of trust.

What is required to participate in an intensive?

Even though these intensives are virtual, due to licensure rules, couples must be physically located in the States of Texas and/or Florida.

Couples must have a computer with a functioning webcam/microphone and reliable high-speed internet, and have a private, quiet, and well lit location for their intensive.

Ideally we like couples to be in the same room/location together, but separate locations can be accommodated if necessary (as long as both parties are in TX or FL).

Couples must also have access to a printer for the documents and resources that will be used during the intensive (these will be sent ahead of time).

First-time intensive clients must complete a 90-minute intake before their intensive to determine if an intensive is a good fit for their goals and to begin designing goals for the intensive.

What is the Investment?

The investment for a mini-intensive is based on the therapist’s hourly rate ($210) + the additional time and energy required to design and facilitate the intensive experience.

The investment for a first-time mini-intensive is $1,200, and it includes one 90-minute intake session and one 3-hour mini-intensive.

After completing a first-time intensive including an intake session, additional 3-hour mini-intensives can be booked at a rate of $800.

How do we get started?

Complete the form on the Contact Page or email to set up a free 15-minute phone consult to see if a couples therapy intensive is a good fit for your relationship needs at this time.