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Secure online Family Therapy and Counseling in Texas for adult families who want to feel connected and compassionate with each other, but are feeling overwhelmed due to stress, illness, trauma, or loss.

Perhaps you are feeling really overwhelmed as you navigate a new transition as a family. Perhaps a circumstance out of your control has entered your family unit, and things seem to be heading downhill. It might be something like a chronic illness, a loss, or the stress of entering a new stage of life.

Or maybe unresolved pain or a trauma from the past has re-appeared and it feels like it is taking over. So, you all might be feeling a bit overwhelmed and disconnected, and it may feel hard to communicate and find ways to cope. Perhaps you have tried to figure it out yourself for a while, but nothing is seeming to change and you’re not sure what to do. 

Please know that change is possible. You can foster resilient connections and intimate relationships with your family.

You can heal old wounds, and repair old ruptures. You can feel more empowered to navigate your current challenges, and become more resilient for the future as a family unit.  And family therapy and counseling is an effective way to get you there.

“And when your family shares a deeper intimacy and respect, problems between family members will seem lighter to bear.”― Dr. John M. Gottman

We specialize in helping adult families heal the past and navigate present stressors so they can create a vibrant more connected future together, in spite of differences, stress, or challenges. The sooner you take action the sooner you will start feeling better together.

Take action today and visit our Contact Page to set up your free 15 min consultation.

***We offer secure online therapy for Texas residents. Please note, all family members must be age 21+ and need to be located in the state of Texas at the time of appointments.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Stress + Stressful Life Transitions
  • Chronic + Invisible Illness
  • Cancer
  • Terminal Illness
  • Trauma + PTSD
  • Grief + Loss
  • Attachment + Relational Trauma
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Depression
  • Anxiety